artificial insemination of queen bees

A&G Wachholz GbR
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The original SCHLEY instrument
Made in Germany
Conservation of biodiversity, targeted selection, influencing the choice of drone and much more.
On our webside you will find everything you need for artificial insemination of queen bees.

We are a family business.
After years of collaboration with Prof. Dr. Schley, we took over the production of the long-established SCHLEY instruments in 2015.
Our instruments stand for quality and durability. That is why we are particularly proud to offer you the SCHLEY instruments.
1.01 schley instrument
1.02 schley instrument
SCHLEY Instrument 1.01 and 1.02 - DETAILS >>
schley etui
Any instrument
The basic device and the complete device
are supplied with a case and the following accessories:
1.05 Pressure grip forceps
1.10 SCHLEY-syringe
1.12 Rubber plunger
1.15 Silicone-sealing tubing
1.16 Silicone-grease
1.23 Ventral-hook
1.25 Hand probe
1.51 Backup-tube
1.52 Queen holding tube
5.00 Glass tips
and petri dish
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